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Friday, August 28, 2009

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

This was the advice one very clever girl gave me after a short talk.

Sometimes talking to strangers actually helps getting things into perspective. Strangers tend to be impartial for one.

I love my boyfriend... love him lots. Probably a lot more then sanely advisable. I am very sure my psychiatrist considers him hazardous to my health.
But what can i do. I love him.
Lately i seem to have become an expert or at least an adept of LDR´s. That stands for Long Distance Relationship.
My Mistress lives in the UK, 3 hours give or take by plane from me. My boyfried lives in the US. Yep... an american. Who said America only had bad things...?
So my bf was pretty cool about me being into BDSM and having a Mistress, not demanding that i left that lifestyle or calling as i like to refer to it.
However now he has a submissive.
And my portuguese SCALDING hot blood is making me rebel against it. Yes yes, double standard, I know. No need to shout that.
But wen already have such little time as it is, that when we are on the phone and he says he cant be on the phone cause he promised his sub some time... I literally see red. I want to kill the person, i swear i do. Never met his sub but goddess help me i hate that person already.

Another friend of mine (Thank you for the heads up, Shortbow) said something that actually managed to rock my world. He said me and my bf were in an open relationship, and that it was my fault. I had opened the door... And he was bloody right... I mean i am the one who is bi-sexual and has an affair with another girl. Even though we pretty much haven't had anything since i started dating my bf.

So to cut the story short?
I decided to close the door as much as i can. My BDSM lifestyle wont be affected. But my affair (wich was already pretty much dead anyways) and me ogling other girls (dont really look at guys much) are to be locked away.

As for him... well me and BF definetly more time together. And well... maybe i should try and meet the sub... dont they say keep your enemies close?