New Moon coming!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

This was the advice one very clever girl gave me after a short talk.

Sometimes talking to strangers actually helps getting things into perspective. Strangers tend to be impartial for one.

I love my boyfriend... love him lots. Probably a lot more then sanely advisable. I am very sure my psychiatrist considers him hazardous to my health.
But what can i do. I love him.
Lately i seem to have become an expert or at least an adept of LDR´s. That stands for Long Distance Relationship.
My Mistress lives in the UK, 3 hours give or take by plane from me. My boyfried lives in the US. Yep... an american. Who said America only had bad things...?
So my bf was pretty cool about me being into BDSM and having a Mistress, not demanding that i left that lifestyle or calling as i like to refer to it.
However now he has a submissive.
And my portuguese SCALDING hot blood is making me rebel against it. Yes yes, double standard, I know. No need to shout that.
But wen already have such little time as it is, that when we are on the phone and he says he cant be on the phone cause he promised his sub some time... I literally see red. I want to kill the person, i swear i do. Never met his sub but goddess help me i hate that person already.

Another friend of mine (Thank you for the heads up, Shortbow) said something that actually managed to rock my world. He said me and my bf were in an open relationship, and that it was my fault. I had opened the door... And he was bloody right... I mean i am the one who is bi-sexual and has an affair with another girl. Even though we pretty much haven't had anything since i started dating my bf.

So to cut the story short?
I decided to close the door as much as i can. My BDSM lifestyle wont be affected. But my affair (wich was already pretty much dead anyways) and me ogling other girls (dont really look at guys much) are to be locked away.

As for him... well me and BF definetly more time together. And well... maybe i should try and meet the sub... dont they say keep your enemies close?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Eclipse is being shot!!!

Ok so i had a really bad and painfull day, but at least i got a good news!!!
Peter Facinelli posted in his Twitter today:

1st day of filming on Eclipse starts today! :) My part starts filming next week, so today... more fight training.

So hurray!!! Book three is getting filmed, alas without the lovely Rachelle as the evil Victoria...
Well... we will welcome the new comer anywyas, it was not her fault and i am sure she will make a good Vicky too!!
Am so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twilight Saga

It is official!
I am sorry ladies and gentlemen, I am so so so sorry but you knew it was bound to happen!
I am hooked! It took me about 4 days to watch the movie and read all four books, and the DVD has been playing almost non stop. Watched it 4 times before falling asleep! Those books became almost like a bible to me and i can barely wait till Stephanie finishes Midnight Sun and publishes it so i can buy it and own it too!!!
GO STEPH!!!!!!!
In my country the New Moon movie will be premiering November 26th, so i am like counting down the days.
I am of course on team Edward (DUH) as much as i like Jacob and all, sorry Jake, you are a very nice dude but i am a vampire girl...
Oh and i saw the clips on youtube, the sneak previews... i mean i love it when she tries to ride the bike and they made it so as if she sees him. I think it was better that way because in the book her hearing his voice worked out fine but in the movie would not look so well... so i think it was a nice way... and of course, her running in volterra was cute too...
OH gosh please November come soon!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Gathering Party 13

I mean, true, it was no Wasteland... not even close to Wasteland... But still... It kicked ass!!!
So ok, the small dinner party i was "forced" (Thanks alot guys for passing me that hot potato...) to throw could have gone better, and i really need to save money for proper corset... But when i changed into my short black burlesque skirt and my black corset with red embroidered flowers, and changed into my high heeled stiletto red shoes... Oh boy... did my heart race!!!
I really should have thanked again and again to Mistress for that flogging she gave me... left me a huge craving for more though!!! But at the time i was busy struggling not to cum and busy trying not to fall from my heels.
To me it was nothing short of a magical night, too bad it ended cause i truly wish it would have lasted forever....
And of course, the sweet Lady R, with lips as soft and smooth as the most delicate of silks... i dont think i will ever forget her kisses... definitely not....
Nor the ice in my *blush*... erm... well just guess!!!
Seriously loved the night... Now i have to find a way to get more floggings from Mistress which will be hard cause she is in the UK and well... I'm in Portugal... Hmmm maybe it's time to see if i can find a job there...
Anyway, let me see... upcoming events... Well hopefully in June one of our Triskelion monthly dinners where we speak about anything and... hmmm what else... Well nothing more in June i think...
Anyway, i will leave you with images of my clothes at the gathering:

The skirt can be found at

Mine are actually red with the ribbon and the lace in black and can be found at Seaside Shoe Stores in Portugal.
The corset unfortunetly i cant find the image so as soon as i can i will take a piccie of it and post it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The BITCH factor

So yesterday i was talking to my ex (yes we do talk) and we ended up sort of arguing about women always playing with men...
Let me set the record straight:
  1. We very rarely do it.
  2. We only do it cause you let us!
You see, during the first months of us dating he was a bit of an ... insensitive bastard. You can ask him, he will agree with the statement. Anyway, his friend, supposedly his best friend, worked with me, in fact i got him the job, and i kept talking about my then boyfriend with him, always worried, concerned, sad. And the guy was always nice and understanding and stuff. He kept saying how he envied his friend for having a girl that loved him so much.
In retrospective i know realise i should have seen the signs but i did not. After a few months he succeeded in seducing me when i was really vulnerable and we ended up kissing. I felt sorry for the guy since he had never kissed a girl before and seemed so happy, and lowered my guard. Yes... I was incredibly stupid.
The guy kept wanting more and it reached a point where it was hurting my work and myself. When i pulled away completely he going to my bf and telling him he was feeling guilty cause he had let ME seduce HIM.
You see, this is how guys truly work. The coward ones at least.
They lie and cheat and manipulate, but WE are the ones that "play" with them.
At that time i actually had beat him to the punch and told my bf and he told me he believed me despite his friend's lie.
Well turns out that, from my conversation yesterday, he did not. It seems he wholeheartedly believed i had seduced his friend.
Yes, like i was interested in the guy for starters.
I mean i actually had videotaped proof of the guy hitting on me day after day after day cause the place where we worked had video surveillance.
Me and my now ex actually dated for two years after thar event.
This story though tought me something. Never trust a guy that pities himself.
Or never trust a guy, period.
Yes it was my fault to for letting myself being seduced, even if i was vulnerable and my then bf had basically spent his time with me grudging one of his ex's and telling me he loved me but was not in love with me and shit like that.
Shame on me for putting myself on that spot.
But its even worse to realise that there are men out there that actually mess up, almost ruin someone's life, and get away clean cause women are those bitches that always play with their feelings.
Newsflash, we dont.
You guys keep thinking that we are sending out signals, that we are playing with you...
Nop... We are just not that into you.
No we dont like it when you guys chase us, we dont want you to buy us drinks, we don't care if you saw us across the room and thought we looked cute, hot, like a babe... WHATEVER!
If you thought we were hitting on you most likely you thought wrong.
Look guys, girls, when they are truly interested, they dont play. They dont send mix signals. Trust me when we are into you we can be very very clear!
If we ignore, run, say no, tell you to leave as alone, and turn our face when we see you or seem frightened in anyway WE DO NOT WANT YOU.
You call us a bitch or a cock tease.
We call you a mental case who needs a reality check.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just like Rudolph Valentino...

Yesterday I was reading this short novel... You know the kind, small, romantic, with plenty of sex scenes that make one's heart beat faster... The cheap things they sell everywhere from Harlequin. Before you crucify me may I remind you that there is such a thing as freedom to choose what you read!!!!
Anyway... I found myself asking one of my colleagues why men are never like they are in those books... Strong, yet gentle, romantic, always sweeping us off our feet, making love for hours but always concerned with pleasing us more and more, dominating yet not humiliating us... A sort of modern day heterosexual Rudolph Valentino in "The Sheik", you know?
She said it was because these books were written by women and that made me think: Are we setting the bar to high?
Lets face it, relationships are all but dying and we (me alike) tend to blame the male in the equation. But what if due to the influence of movies, books and magazines, we are but trying to turn man into an object of fantasy?
There isn't such a thing as the "perfect man" who will come to our rescue, no man that will come to us in the dancefloor and just dance with us in a manner so sensual that we will just melt, none that when we fight will just kiss us till we shut up and forget what the hell we were yealling about, that will hold ours hand in the sunset... yadda yadda yadda, you know the story. A man with all those qualities does not exist. Cause lets face it... even Rudolph Valentino was gay...

He will have moody days, look at other girls or other boys (dont be narrow minded people), leave his dirty sox on the floor, forget birthdays, forget the date we had, go out partying with his friends and return drunk... and lots of other things.
And so what? We do too!!!!
Hell I am a girl and i admit it: I am a BITCH!
My moods are legendary, I look at other boys and girls (more girls then boys) and my room is an ode to anarchy!
So what?
Adjust, adapt, but dont change who you are to please someone, and for the godess's sake, dont try to change them either.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The definition of a BGGE

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Bad Girls Go Everywhere!
This project came to be due to some people nagging again and again that i should make a blog that was actually in english cause they wanted to know what i was writing.
To all you lot, stop sending the e-mails already!

So what is a BGGE?

The classical definition of a Bad Girl is someone rather bitchy that picks on others and goes around doing stuff that would or should probably get her arrested. And to those girls i send a big Hello!
A BGGE is not like that however. A Bad Girl that Goes Everywhere is a girl that knows what she wants, has objectives and dreams. Even if those dreams are just being a mother or a wife. A BGGE does everything with her own style, has a social and political conscience and is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs. She will be there fighting for human rights, she will be the one throwing a bucket of paint onto someone wearing animal furs, she will be the nerdy girl that is studying late in the library to get the best grades, she will be the lead singer on the most awesome band on stage singing her heart out for you.
Most of all she will be the friend that perhaps is not always by your side or going out with you, but that you always know will be there when you really need a friend and will never bail on you when all hell brakes loose.
BGGE's are usually busy, it will be hard to find her not doing something, wether it is working, going out with friends, taking a degree, shopping, checking out the latest art exihibition or creating their own, getting updated on the latest news or fighting for a cause.
A BGGE has her opinion on things that matter to her and wont hide them. If she does not like you, trust me, you will know. She does not define herself by the boyfriend she has or the people she hangs out with. She can be quiet or loud depending on the mood and to her multi-tasking is not just a skill, it will be her way of life.
BGGE's like fashion, even if their sense of fashion is different from the main stream, in fact, BGGE's usually are. Be it goth, pin up, fetishist, nerdy, sporty, rocker, artist.... She will be different and she will love being different, even because most BGGE's like to shock and refuse to be dictated by what society whats them to be! They will forever be non-conformist!!!
They are not SaRaH's (Single, Rich and Happy), always driven by career and neglecting everyone else, nor are they Downshifters that will take a low paying job to be able to do all the other things. BGGE's know their worth and will often pamper them and their friends up as often as possible, they have quite the ego but are not arrogant.
They will do crazy stuff like swimming in a public fountain in their underwear at four a.m. (remember that night, Sibilla?) without needing alcohol to do so, they are likely to get in a car and just drive and enjoy the cenery without any destination, they attend the most outrageous parties and usually they are shameless!
This what being a BGGE is, in a nutshell, though there is plenty of more things to come, so stick around and lets see if this nice little corner will provide some help and some fun.

And remember, whatever you do, do it in your own style!